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Stories to Go: Sudarshan’s Gift on Kindle

Online Originals has finally released Sudarshan’s Gift on Amazon as a Kindle edition. A synopsis of the story below.100_0404

Growing up with his grandmother, Musori, in a small town at the foothills of India’s Himalayas, Sudarshan yearns to break free. But his beloved grandmother is all the family that he has — his mother died when he was young, and his English father is said to have abandoned him. When he finds out that Musori has deceived him all along, that she has robbed him of his birthright, his rage and disappointment are boundless. But when finally he goes to confront Musori with evidence of her duplicity, he finds that she is dying. Faced with a final choice between truth and love, Sudarshan spontaneously gives Musori the simple gift which, unknown to him, she has been waiting for all her life.


The Beagle Boys, contd.

Oh, and they took some jools, too. The loss of past association is much more deeply felt than the loss of the twinkling stones. However, our souls soldier on (pardon the pun!) undiminished. In the words of the Bhagavad Gita: Fire burns it not; Weapons cleave it not.


On the night of the 27th…

On the night of the 27th...

The Beagle Boys came calling while we were at a concert. Unfortunately their pickings were good and they tiptoed away unseen with 3 laptops and an iPad. The iPad was outfitted with “find my iPad software” but is still lost. Which begs the question: where is the NSA when we need them? Stop chasing Snowden and help us find the iPad which was a just a day old and a present to my wife.