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Golden Skirts vs Testosterone in the Financial World

Read a riveting analysis by Economist John Kay on why banks might perform better with women in charge. As an enticement to read further, here is a reproduction of the opening paragraph of his article that was originally published in the Financial Times of 18 March 2015.

The most powerful posts in the financial world are held by women. Janet Yellen chairs the US Federal Re­serve, and Christine La­garde is managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Mary Jo White heads the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and was preceded in that job by Elisse Walter and Mary Schapiro. America’s new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is directed by a man — but the reason is that the industry feared Senator Elizabeth Warren would fill the role too effectively.imgres

Read the complete article on John Kay’s own blog post here.

As often in the past, thanks to my friend Larry Willmore for his own Thought du Jour blog post that drew my attention to this article.