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Alexa Zombie: Bleeding the Undead

Democratic societies have to protect freedom of speech and allow freedom of enterprise, I presume, however hateful the speech or distasteful the enterprise. But surely a company that sells lifesize female dolls (suggesting an ex-girl friend) for target practice at $99 apiece cannot thrive in a sane society! Who would buy such a ghastly thing? Apparently there are enough people buying to make the website below worthwhile.


$89.95 – Bleeding Alexa Zombie 
Life-Sized Tactical Mannequin Target
“Bleeds” When Shot!!!

Here’s the website’s rationale for offering the Alexa doll for target practice. Ironically, a Voodoo Witch is on the side of the good guys.

Alexa was from Louisiana and was always drawn to the occult.  She had a wicked mean streak in her and was known for her nasty disposition, especially if she had been drinking.  She also happened to be in love with a young man, but there was a slight problem.. he was married to another women.  When he told her that he loved his wife and could never be unfaithful to her, Alexa became enraged.  She decided to seek the help of a local tarot card & palm reader who also dabbled in Voodoo.  When she told the Voodoo Witch of her plan to break up a loving a marriage.. the witch refused to help her.  That’s when Alexa lost her cool for the last time and crossed the wrong person.  She let out a slew of insults directed at the witch and told her she would get her way one way or another.  That’s when the Voodoo Witch cast a spell of her own.  Alexa never knew what hit her and before she reached her home that evening she joined the ranks of the Undead!

Let’s stop worrying about international terrorism for awhile until goods peddlers of this ilk disappear from our own neighbourhoods.


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