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Living on Lamma: Banyan Tree Bay

The principal town/village on Lamma Island is Yung Shue Wan, or Banyan Tree Bay. The beautiful Chinese Banyan, not very different from its Indian cousin is very much in evidence on the island, and seems to be a favourite refuge for several birds, including an elegant species of flycatcher and bulbuls with red cheeks and jaunty pointed crests.


The roots of these strangler trees are commonly seen, and on steep hillsides they provide an invaluable service, holding the soil together and mitigating the effects of disastrous mudslides that occur frequently during the rainy season.


Banyan trees belong to the ficus family, and are related to the common edible fig, Ficus carica. Incidentally, the common name Banyan comes from the Indian word bania, meaning merchant or trader, or those who generally plied their trade in the shade of these trees.

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