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Lessons from a discarded kitchen timer

I like to cook, and a kitchen timer is an essential piece of equipment. This fairly new one simply stopped working  one day and was responsible for the burnt stew that was served to an unexpected guest last week. No amount of twisting and prodding could induce it to work, so it was unceremoniously tossed into the garbage can, where it started ticking away to save its life. It’s back on the kitchen table again. I wonder if I can extract a moral from this story.
How about this? We all make throw away judgements about people on first acquaintance; “She’s soppy! He’s a fool!” and toss them into the garbage heap of our memory. Perhaps we should listen again to see if someone’s ticking to save their lives…


  1. Sile says:

    Hurray for the brave little timer!

  2. aviottjohn says:

    The little timer that could!

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