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Green China

Positive news about renewables is not often published in the popular news media, which gets more mileage from disasters and doom, hence the posting below, copied from Dave Elliott’s blog on Environmental Research Web. Here is a link to the entire article, excerpt below.


China will sharply boost renewable energy, the National Development and Reform Commission said in a 2013 report. It plans to increase hydropower generating capacity by 21 GW, wind by 18 GW and solar energy by 10GW. These figures are all higher than the annual average increase over the past five years of 20GW , 11.6 GW and 1.4 GW respectively, according to official data. See: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/afp/130305/china-boost-renewable-energy-2013 andwww.spiegel.de/international/business/chinese-leadership-announces-new-focus-on-green-energy-a-917389.html

At the end of 2012, hydro reached 249 GW, a 7.2% rise on 2011, on-grid wind 61.4 GW, a 33% rise, on-grid solar 3.4 GW, up 61%. Nuclear stayed at 12.6 GW. Non-fossil capacity including nukes was 29% of the total, 4.2% up on 2005, and it supplied 21.4% of grid electricity.http://en.ndrc.gov.cn/newsrelease/P020131108611533042884.pdf

Although there are major grid challenges and other bottlenecks, according to China’s 12th Five-Year Renewable Energy Development Plan 2011-15, China’s installed wind capacity connected to the grid is on track to reach 100 GW by 2015, including installed offshore wind power capacity of 5 GW, while annual electricity generation is projected to exceed 190 TWh. By 2020, the country’s combined installed grid-connected wind power capacity is expected to reach 200 GW, including installed offshore wind power capacity of 30 GW, while annual electricity generation is forecasted to surpass 390 TWh.

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